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Vulcan Augmetics was founded in 2018 with the mission of developing technology to help the human body become stronger, faster, and more durable.


With the technological solution that Vulcan is building and providing, in just 10 years, the loss or weakness of a body part will be just an inconvenience, not a misfortune.

In the first step in the journey to conquer the big mission, in the period of 2018 - 2022, Vulcan focuses on developing and manufacturing functional electric limb devices to serve people with disabilities - those who do not have access to services. medical care and functional solutions with reasonable price and worthy value.

Launching the first product on the market, a functional electric hand, Vulcan aims to become the most popular functional limb solution brand in Southeast Asia before 2022, and expand its service to The remaining 38 million PWDs are in other developing countries.


Vulcan creates solutions to help the PWD community. But Vulcan is not a charity

Vulcan believes that profitability drives sustainability and pervasiveness.

We believe that our customers - people with disabilities - are individuals who have the ability to create economic value for themselves and value to contribute to society.

We run a profitable business.

And we use the profits to invest in developing more useful technologies to keep up with the growing lifestyle and technology needs of our customers.


No matter who you are when you come to Vulcan, whether you are a customer, partner, talent, advisor, investor, or simply someone who always follows what Vulcan is doing, Vulcan always welcomes, shares, supports , develop and strive with all talent - mind - mind - reach to inspire and give you the best solution.

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